The ultimate Original Watch Wallet for your Rolex or other brand

The Original Watch Wallet is created by professionals.  This transparant watch pouch is made with and for watch professionals, like watchmakers and watch dealers and traders. But also collectors can benefit from this Wallet, great to store your watch in at the (bank) safe or to safely transport your watch. 

The Original Watch wallet is not just an ordinary pouch, but especially designed for its purpose. Strengthened on vital parts. Increased size and upgraded soft plastic to protect it from getting scratches from your bracelet. This pouch does not get ‘hard’ after time and can be used for many years. You can write down information on the white card (serial number, where and when you bought it) and there is also space for your papers or guarantee card. The ultimate storage for you watches!

Investigation showed that 80% of the watches are stored in a safe. Either at home or at the bank. By using the Original Watch Wallet you will save space and keep your watch boxes separate in a different storage.

The Original Watch Wallet will protect your watch against damages and scratches. Dust free and protected against environmental hazards.

Protect your Rolex or Patek Philippe from scratches and damages. Breitling, Omega, Cartier and all the other luxury watches will fit in these specially designed pouches. On the back of the card you can write down the specifications of you timepiece. Like Rolex Daytona or Submariner. Together with the serial number and dates.

The sturdy design of the Original Watch Wallet allows watches to travel in a high quality, pristinely designed watch pouch. The pouch is secured via an OWW big button closure for safety. Included inside the pouch is an insert that ensures the watch is not scratched by the bracelet or buckle. The pouch is sized for almost all watches with bracelets.



Rolex Original Watch Wallet travel pouch


Rolex original Watch wallet travel pouch plastic